Monday, June 25, 2012

Express Yourself...

Inspired by a recent book I picked up that gives advice for 365 days of happiness, I've decided to add my own thoughts to this subject.  The sentiment is great but it could use some updating (the suggestion for today was change your answering machine message!  As much as I love the idea I don't know if quoting a poem on the outgoing message of my iphone will lead to return calls) and this is one area I kind of consider myself an expert in -- being happy.

My advice for today, express yourself.  Past childhood we all have to adhere to certain restrictions on our uninhibited expression of our self (except maybe actors).  This is the reason you can't wear a princess outfit to work unless it's Halloween (and why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays).  A connection to our past is often one of the best ways to get in touch with the things that made us feel happy from the very beginning and this is a perfect example.  Of course it doesn't have to be childlike, maybe you want to dress up in a very adult manner and pretend your husband is Han Solo and you're Princess Leia (hey, no judgement here).  We feel better when we can express ourselves.  Madonna knew what she was talking about.  It may not get you a rich british ex-husband and a global entertainment empire but you'll feel better, trust me.  I was inspired by a visit to our local Pride celebration here in Seattle, now here are some examples of really giving self-expression the old college try.  Extra credit for creativity!

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